Curious about TLS?

TLS is a family owned and operated business in Kansas City and Springfield Missouri with  2016 being our 30th year in business.

We pride ourselves on quality products, competitive pricing, and superior service.

Packaging and shipping, janitorial and sanitation, and disposable food service are our specialties.


Quality Products

We have access to over 60,000 quality products from top manufacturers in the industry and we stock many of these in our warehouses in Kansas City and Springfield to make things easier for you.

Our warehouses are up to date and organized to be efficient.  We have aisles of 3 story high racks stocked with merchandise ready to go to you when you order. 

We maintain customer service representatives that want to personally answer your questions and take your order by phone.

Call us.

We look forward to helping you!




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Competitive Pricing

     If you compare our pricing to large companies you will immediately notice that we not only have a better price on the product you want but we also give you real savings on shipping the product to you.


     We have a great team of trained helpful people who are easily available to help you by phone, e-mail, or in person when you want that personal touch.



Together Let’s Succeed

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Address for both KC and Springfield

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TLS sells all over the Midwest.  Our central locale makes your delivered cost lower for most locations in the central United States.

Free delivery in greater Kansas City on orders over $150 and only $10 delivery charge on smaller orders.

One day UPS shipping throughout most of the Midwest.  For the best value have our trucks deliver on one of our regular routes serving Kansas City and Springfield daily and covering both western Missouri and eastern Kansas weekly. 

Next day delivery in Kansas City if the items are in stock and the order is placed before 4 p.m.


Many businesses don’t have the space to store everything they need on a weekly or even a monthly basis.  TLS will warehouse your items for you upon approval.    Tri-Lateral Sales will store prepaid item(s) up to 90 days at no charge.  Any inventory left on our floor longer than 90 days will be charged a storage fee per month; which is 10% of the sales price times the balance remaining.

Family and History of TLS

     Allen grew up in West Monroe Louisiana.  His father raised him along with his brother and sister.  Once Allen could join the military he did.  He joined the Navy and completed BUDS Training on January 21, 1972.  He asked Linda to marry him on their first actual date and 6 months later walked down the aisle.  He went to college on the GI Bill after getting out of Seal Team.  After college graduation the 3 jobs he had were all in sales and in 2 of the 3 he was traveling 3 to 5 days a week.  The last 2 were selling packaging and shipping supplies.  Two sons came along and he was still traveling with his job.  One day he tried to comfort his youngest son when he fell and skinned his knee.  The 3 year olds reply was “I don’t know you.  I want my mommy”.  This was like putting a dagger through his heart.  He immediately realized the traveling had to stop because he wanted to watch his sons grow up and be there for all their activities.  After several months of pondering how to make this happen, he decided the only thing he could do to have any control over traveling was to be self-employed.  

     TLS started in 1986 in a small office/warehouse on 1816 Linn in North Kansas City, Mo. There were 2 offices and 1100 sq ft of warehouse.  There were a total of 5 employees.  It was a shipping and packaging company.  We moved 2 more times more than doubling our warehouse and office space each time to allow us to carry more product offerings.

In March of 1995 we opened a branch in Springfield with office and warehouse space as well.

Both sons currently have positions at TLS. Allen’s wife of 35 years is also involved in the company.

Due to customer loyalty and satisfaction we have currently outgrown our Springfield facility and  moved in 2017 to our new 22,000 sqft facility located in Ozark, MO.

We now employ 23 full and part time people.